Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Yes. The CyberX is a 100% electric bike.

Depending on the size of your bike, the wheels are 16"-17" and the tires 2.5"-3" width.

Yes, the combined weight limit for 2 riders is 500 lbs.

All of our configurations can reach 50+ MPH.

Depending on rider weight and terrain and speed, the CyberX has a range of up to 100 miles.

The CyberX weighs 200 - 220 lbs depending on which size you choose.

The CyberX does not have pedal assist, however the pedals are functional. The bike is powered by the throttle.

The bike is water resistant. Riding in the rain is fine, but hosing down the bike is not advised.

Yes, your key is for the ignition switch and provides access to your battery compartment.

No. The CyberX comes fully assembled!

Shipping & Delivery

We currently ship to the all US states including Alaska and Hawai'i. We are able to ship internationally and overseas, though these shipments require a crate.

We are partnered with Haul Bikes for all ground shipping to the lower 48 states. The bikes are securely loaded onto a truck and shipped fully assembled.

Overseas and international shipping requires crating the bike and detaching the handle bars and front wheel. Upon receipt the buyer will need to attach the bars and wheel themselves.

We are partnered with Haul Bikes and shipping takes 3-4 weeks.

Once your bike has shipped you will receive an email confirmation from Haul Bikes that they have picked up your bike. You will receive a follow-up email from them when they are attempting delivery. In the first confirmation email, you will be assigned a reference number. It looks like "P------". Please keep this number in your records in case you need to contact Haul Bikes regarding your delivery.

Orders & Returns

Yes, we offer financing through Shop Payments and, both of which are available at checkout. Please call or e-mail us if you have further questions.

Yes, we offer a one year manufacturer warranty. This includes replacement parts and tuning support to ensure your bike runs smoothly. General wear and tear, aesthetic damage such as broken panels and damage due to misuse are not covered.

We do not accept returns. Our bikes are custom made to order.

We are currently utilizing a master production list to track the progress of our builds. Please call or e-mail us and we can provide you access to this list.

No, all customization involving accessories must be done by the customer once the bike has been delivered.


The CyberX comes with a title and VIN. If you are planning on riding on public streets and over 30 MPH, we recommend that you register your bike. E-bike classifications vary by state and local laws. Please verify with your local DMV regarding registration and licensing requirements. You can read more about federal and state regulations here and here.

If you live locally we are able to service your bike at our facility. We also provide virtual tuning support. Please call or e-mail us if you would like to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, most e-bike and moto shops can assist.

Yes. If you would like to order replacement or additional parts please call or e-mail us.

Yes! You can schedule a test ride here.