Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we offer a one year manufacturer warranty.

Depending on the size of the bike, 16”-17” The rim will fit 2.5" to 3" tires.

As long as CyberX fits, load it up. You won't have to worry about oil or gasoline leaking. The easiest vehicles to load and unload CyberX include vans, trucks and SUVs.

Yes, the combined limit for 2 riders is 500 lbs.

In short, no. CyberX is an e-bike and in most cases recognized as a moped.

The bike has five modes in incremental use of total power:

1 - 20% 

2 - 40%

3 - 60%

4 - 80%

5 - 100%

All of our configurations can go 50MPH+

Depending on rider weight and terrain and assist mode, up to 100 Mi.

CyberX comes with a BAC2000 stock. You can upgrade to a BAC4000 for increased torque and power. A BAC800 if you plan on getting a custom battery to really take advantage of this controller and taking advantage of our 15kw rated motor.

Yes! You are free to switch modes at your leisure.

CyberX classifications vary by state and local laws. Check in with your local DMV. In most cases it can pass as an e-bike but all of our bikes ship with a VIN number.

If you'd like you can register you bike as a moped. For example, in California you can register online or by mail. All that is required is your bikes serial number and pay a one time registration fee of $22.00 and your bike is registered for life.

The CyberX does not have pedal assist. The bike is powered by the throttle. The pedals are functional by human power.

The bike is water resistant. Riding in the rain is fine. But hosing down the bike is not advised.

Yes, your key is for the ignition switch and will allow access to your battery compartment.

Depending on the charger you choose - stock(5a) vs an upgraded (10a) or (15a). 10a takes 5 hours on average and 15a takes 3 hours. See our chargers for more information.

No, all customization must be done by the customer once the bike has been delivered.



Yes, we offer Shop Payments and - both are available at check out. Call or E-Mail us if you have any questions.

YES! You can set up a test drive in sunny San Diego with someone from our team. Schedule your test drive here.


We are partnered with Haul Bikes, shipping can take 3-4 weeks.

You will receive an email confirmation from Haul Bikes shipping when they have obtained your bike. You will receive another email from them when they are attempting delivery. In the confirmation email, you'll be assigned a reference number. It looks like "P------". Hold on to this in case you need to get into contact with Haul Bikes Shipping.

No, not yet. We currently ship to the lower 48 states in the US and are hoping to expand our shipping in 2022. Stay tuned!

We are implementing a help desk system to help facilitate all of our orders.

At our facility! We will fully service your bike if and when you need it. Alternatively most e-bike / moto shops can also assist.