About us

At Xion Bike, headquartered in sunny San Diego, our vision extends beyond traditional transportation. We aspire to shape a future where mobility becomes an exhilarating and immersive journey, transcending mere utility. Our commitment is unwavering: to revolutionize urban mobility by pioneering cutting-edge electric vehicles that seamlessly fuse performance, design, and reliability. In our relentless pursuit, we shatter norms, defy conventions, and relentlessly diversify our product range, electrifying lives and paving the way for a new era of low-maintenance, urban adventure transportation.

XION BIKE CyberX raised $1,186,097 on Indigogo

This remarkable achievement was kick-started with an impressive start, garnering over $800,000 on its very first day of the campaign. As the campaign progressed, XION BIKE CyberX continued to gain momentum, ultimately crossing the million-dollar mark. This resounding support underscores the unparalleled excitement surrounding XION CyberX and its unique offerings.