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20 Years of Experience

San Diego local bicycle gurus serving you the best possible service.

100% Customer Support

Have your e-bike assembled by one of our professionals and get  24/7 customer service.

Reasonable Pricing

Lower price, high quality.

Pre-Order Now!

You can now pre-order your Xion e-bike by just one click.

More Info

The Story Behind Xion Bike

W E   D E S I G N    E - B I K E S   I N D I V I D U A L L Y   F O R  Y O U !

Xion was founded locally in California by true bicycle passionates to give you the best performance with a unique style.

Unlike other e-Bike companies, Xion Bikes are manufactured, sold and distributed in-house here in San Diego Headquarters. This way we have a chance to personally oversee every aspect of the production process, and offer our customers a direct-to-consumer price point.

This business model is what allows us to create affordable transportation that is equipped with the best components available.


"This is the best birthday gift ever!"

-Pasha Esfandiary

" This is the best thing ever. I am in LOVE."

-Sean Tabor / Comedian