With electric bikes growing more popular everyday, it is imperative to reduce any danger each time you get onto your e-bike. Please review the regulations and guidelines before riding your e-bike, so that you can be as respectful and cautious when out and about on your CyberX Xion e Bike electric bikes in San Diego.

General E-Bike Etiquette

    • Wear a Helmet 
      • DOT - This stands for “Department of Transportation,” which is the FMVSS 218, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #218, Motorcycle Helmets, and it is applicable to helmets sold in the U.S. for on-road use
      • ECE - This stands for Economic Commission for Europe. To determine a European standard for the traffic safety, they have come up with some guidelines including 'guideline 22'. This guideline contains the minimum requirements for motorcycle (or scooter) helmet.
      • SNELL - Helmets are certified only after meeting all test requirements at the Snell lab. Then, samples of certified helmets sold to consumers are bought randomly from retailers for more compliance testing. Snell certified helmets means high impact management and premium head protection.
    • Wear Protective Bright Colored Clothing
  • Use Hand Signals (STOP, Left Turn, Right Turn)
  • Follow Traffic Signs and Signals (RESPECT others on the road, INCLUDING pedestrians)
  • Use Bike Lane Restrictions (use appropriate modes for speed)
  • Share the Road With Other Vehicles (YEILD before turning or switching lanes)
  • Ride With the Flow of Traffic
  • Know Where You Can Ride You E-Bike: As of 2019, 2022 states use a three-class system for defining e-bikes.
    • Class 1 bikes may reach higher speeds than 20 mph from the rider pedaling, but motor must cut out once reaching that 20mph. 
    • Class 2 bikes  may reach 20 mph with motor assist, and can use a throttle to drive the bike without pedaling.
    • Class 3 -STRICTEST LIMITATIONS due to its' high speed: bikes can reach the fastest speeds. As with class 1 bikes, the motor only assists when the rider pedals the bike. Some states, including CALIFORNIA prohibit riders under the age of 16 from riding class 3 e-bikes.
    • Off-Road riding, varies throughout states. Please check your local and state laws before setting out on the road.

Safety First- Electric Bike in San Diego!

  • Pre Ride Checklist 
      • Wheel Check - make sure it's correctly seated and that hardware is holding the axle in place tightly before riding. 
      • PSI - use a tire gauge before going for a ride, and consider getting a frame pump for perfect PSI
      • Spoke Wrench - have one handy in case of any loose spokes
      • Gear Check - have the right tools: It is a good idea to carry a repair kit  including parts such as: ( 1 x 18 mm Motor Axle Nut Removal Tool; 1 x 18 mm Wrench; 1 x 4 mm Hex Tool; 1 x Diagonal Cutters; 3 x Tire Levers; 10 x Zip Ties) 
    • Tech Check 
      • Check the tune settings before riding you e-bike.
      • Check battery level and ensure it is secure, if the battery moves around, contact customer support immediately.