APT 750c Full Color Display

APT 750c Full Color Display

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Compatible with ASI controllers.

For 36V to 72V batteries.

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built on innovation and attention to detail

The team behind CyberX has 20 years of experience building e-bikes. They’ve cut out the middleman by designing, manufacturing and engineering high performance e-bikes locally in San Diego so you’re guaranteed the highest quality without breaking the bank.



I have purchased the bike but have not received it as of yet since the delivery date is expected in July. However, I am capable of leaving a 5 star review due to the transparency of the CEO and Founder of CyberX/Xion Bikes as he has been able to quickly answer any questions and alleviate any concerns regarding this product. His dedication to customer service has been over the top with other early-investor members and that is beyond rare and is greatly appreciated and fully gratifying. There is no doubt in any one of us members (over 700) who do not share my opinion and are excited and patiently waiting (some better than most, but can you blame them?!? Haha) Thank you Ali and everyone at Xion Bikes! This is going to revolutionary in regards to an emission conscious future! 

Shaun Y.

This bike is super bad ass! Exceptionally quick made insanely quick when paired with upgraded controller. The light scheme on the panels and wheels adds an intriguing and magical touch. The ability to go upstairs and over curbs helps out with commuter time.

Tim C.




750-5000W Mid Drive Motor


CyberX has no clutch, no gears and no maintenance—but you can still have a great time tearing through the dirt. It’s the perfect low-maintenance alternative to a dirt bike or a great introduction to high speed for inexperienced riders.