BAC8000 KIT (Harness & Display) + THROTTLE + MOTOR
BAC8000 KIT (Harness & Display) + THROTTLE + MOTOR
BAC8000 KIT (Harness & Display) + THROTTLE + MOTOR

BAC8000 KIT (Harness & Display) + THROTTLE + MOTOR

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BAC8000 KIT (Harness & Display) + THROTTLE + MOTOR


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Plug and play BAC8000 by ASI Kit designed specifically for the Surron / Surron X / Segway x260. If it's in stock, we have units available. We pack, ship, and tune within 1 to 2 days!



Our controllers come with the superior APT display and thumb controller which can give you up to 9 power settings. Our tune is natively installed into the BAC controller and is superior to all EggRider tunes which perform an override of the tune inside the BAC controller which adds latency into the system. 

This kit uses the APT display which is a physically larger LCD with much more information on it and easier to use. What isn't seen or obvious in this difference is how different the tune is. Our tunes are native which means they live inside the controller. In contrast, EggRider tuners are building the tune files and loading them onto the EggRider which then performs an "override" of the native tune on the controller. This translates into a less responsive and less powerful tune, but these tunes are easier to create and load into the EggRider which is why they are so popular.

Note: We do not recommend using the BAC8000 on an x160 motor configuration. Some have had success but the differences in the motor's inner windings will result in unsatisfactory results at times. 

Tuning Support: Our tunes and options at check-out are meant to allow for easy plug and play, however, we offer remote tuning support by phone for all of our controllers. That can be scheduled after purchase and installation.

What if you buy a bigger battery down the road: We will happily support your tune down the road.

Our kit does NOT include the mounting hardware for the controller.


  • ASI BAC8000 Controller set up and specially tuned for SurRon 12-14.5kw Power.
  • This kit is recommended for aftermarket 72v and high discharge 60v batteries only, if you have an OEM battery with bypass you will not benefit from the BAC8000 and we recommend choosing the BAC4000.
  • Riders who plan to ride at full throttle for extended periods of time with high discharge batteries will benefit from the larger heat sync and the BAC8000 capabilities to handle the higher loads.
  • Plug-and-play Harness with custom-made cable extensions to better fit the controller on the frame.
  • Color-coded motor phase cable extensions
  • APT display screen
  • 3kmph Walk mode function
  • Motor temperature protection
  • Low Voltage Cut Off Battery Protection
  • No Phase current errors after jumps
  • E-brake cut off

ITALIAN DOMINO THROTTLE (Domino Twist Grip Throttle - 0-5K Ohm - IP67 Rated The Italian made Domino twist throttle is high quality with a five wire output and a built in micro switch for added safety. The potentiometer can be configured in a 2 or three wire mode outputting either 0-5K or 5K-0 ohm.

The potentiometer in this model is weather sealed to IP67. Domino offers an identical model that is IP54. 

IP67 = Dust proof & water proof to 10 feet under on the potentiometer. 

IP54 = Limited dust protection & water resistant to splashes

  • Five wire output
  • Includes microswitch
  • Comes with matching 5" grip for opposite side
  • Comes with mating Tyco Superseal 5 connector with pins and seals
  • Fits 7/8" (22.15mm +/- 0.15mm) handlebars
  • Max potentiometer voltage 40V, max microswitch voltage 24V

Compared to Magura twist grip which is also 0-5K, the Domino offers higher build quality. The grips are of a softer more comfortable rubber and the throttle motion range is slightly less which is more comfortable on the wrist.

XION BIKE MOTOR (PEAK MOTOR) 5000W - 10000W Peak Motor