CleanTechnica - Xion CyberX 50 MPH Electric Bike For Sale That Tron Would Ride

CleanTechnica - Xion CyberX 50 MPH Electric Bike For Sale That Tron Would Ride

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We’ve talked about a lot of e-bikes and electric mopeds here at CleanTechnica (especially in the last 12 months), but none of those have really prepared us for the XION CyberX. One look at the bike will tell you just about everything you need to know, and that’s this:  this is not an ordinary e-bike.

XION CyberX E-Bike | Mood Video

Let’s be clear. The XION CyberX is not in production. At this point, it’s just an IndieGogo project — but maybe “just” isn’t the right word. That’s because, as I type this, XION has blown past its initial $25,000 goal by more than 4000% (yes, four thousand percent), racking up over a million dollars in pre-sales for its $3699 e-moped. But what they say you’re going to get for that $3699 is astonishing.

I’ll start with the most obvious aspect of the XION: its looks. The CyberX looks like nothing else on the road, and has more visual DNA in common with high-end gaming PCs than it does with an old Tomos or Puch.  The triangular bodywork is translucent, showing off the LEDs within and creating striking, color-changing visuals on the road. The spoked wheels are also illuminated, creating a unique rolling effect and giving the entire thing a surreal, cyberpunk sort of quality. What occurred to me when I saw it was, “This is the kind of bike the users/programs in Tron would ride, if that movie had been set in the 80s, not just made in the 80s.”

I stand by that.

Xion CyberX e-bike

As for the bike itself, it offers two-mode operation for on- and off-road use. In Street mode, the e-bike’s motor is capped at 750W with a pedal-assisted top speed of 28 MPH and a range of about 75 miles. In Race mode, however, all that changes — power jumps up from 750 to 5000W (more than 6.5 HP), and the XION’s top speed climbs to a still limited 50 MPH. More than enough to get you and your partner into trouble.

The seat is big enough, the frame is sturdy enough, the suspension is rated for it, and the motorcycle-style hydraulic disc brakes (which you’d be hard-pressed to find on other e-bikes) are more than up to the task of hauling the CyberX from 50 MPH down to 0 with confidence. Other features like a digital display, USB connections, and Bluetooth speakers also work to distinguish the bike from its peers, but what I want to know about the XION is whether or not I can get the LEDs to sync with my music to create a rolling light show … which may or may not have been the case with my old Honda Ruckus. (It was bad-ass. Thanks, Dennis!)

I can’t lie to you guys, I really dig this thing. Not sure I’ll put the money down until they’re actually in production, but I may not have too much longer to wait. The Indiegogo page promises October 2021 production, with deliveries following soon after. Is that real enough for me? Not yet, as I said, but maybe it sounds good enough for you guys? Check out the infographics from the pitch, below, then let us know what you think of this wild 50 mph electric bike for sale in San Diego in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

XION CyberX E-Bike | Infographics

XION CyberX E-Bike

XION CyberX E-Bike