The Coolector | Xion Bike Cyberx

There is certainly no shortage of electric bikes on the market now but, if you’re anything like us here at The Coolector, when you do take the plunge and get your hands on one, you’ll want it to have a decidedly futuristic aesthetic to it and that’s why this XION CyberX eBike, which is funding over on Indiegogo now, has got us sitting up and taking notice.
The XION CyberX eBike on Indiegogo boasts fat tires, full suspension, mid-drive and a 2-person seat and is billed as the most fun you’ll have on an eBike. With a top speed of some 50MPH, this is one accomplished ride and its stand out design feature is the tricked-out LED lighting and customisable, laser-printed side panels that put this machine in a league of its own from a visual point of view.
Electrifying Aesthetics
It’s not just the amazing visuals of this eBike which set it apart from the crowd, it also offers extreme durability for on and off-road adventures, 50MPH max speed, a 100-mile range, and the 2-person seat provide it everything you could ever want in an eBike much more besides. You can hit the mountain bike trails, ride with your dirt biking friends, commute to your office or just meander around the city – the XION CyberX eBike does it all.
With a price tag of $3699 during the Indiegogo campaign (down from the final retail price of $4900), the XION CyberX eBike is great value for money in our opinion here at The Coolector and it’s definitely one of the coolest looking electric bikes we’ve seen in a while. No other eBike on the market allows you to customise the frame colour, seat colour and offers a laser-printed panel design for a look that will be entirely unique to you.
This doesn’t look like your average eBike and will turn heads every time you take it out for a spin. It has been designed with three things in mind – namely, quality, style and performance. Each one is crafted from the most robust materials for maximum use and zero maintenance. It has the most efficient brakes and motor, plus high-visibility lighting. And it was born to stand out with next-gen-inspired aesthetics, plus personal touches from you.
Customised Design
You can choose from an edgy pre-selected pattern options or customise the LED side panels to your unique style by using XION’s Customiser Template on Indiegogo. You also get to customise three colors on your bike: the frame, seat, and panel so it will be a unique ride to you. Mirror acrylic panels with LED lights will be a featured add-on during check-out.
An impressive performer, the XION CyberX eBike boasts an incredible range courtesy of the powerful 72V battery and highly-efficient 750-watt Mid-Drive Motor. Instead of using the standard chain drive that clunks, needs grease or snaps altogether, we upgraded the motor to belt-drive for reliability, the smoothest rides and zero maintenance. Like what you see? Head on over to Indiegogo now.